You can visit the place without appointment, but we recommend to take appointment first, specially if you are a group or in need of a visit in english or french.

The fortress-church is the most important building at the Cerco de Artajona. Is a french fortress-church from the XIIIth century, that was conceived to recover rainwater.

It has an inverted rooftop, unique in the world. The rooftop was built to collect each drop op water and to send it underneath the floor of the church, were there is a big cistern with a capacity of 83.000 l of water. You can see it in the video below.

You can visit the church. For doing so we have 2 types of tours:
-To visist the inside of the church, and its really important retable, we have a tour each 15 minutes (at the opening hours of the tourist office). You have to ask for it at the tourist office.
-To visit the rooftop, the church and all the main points of interest of the fortress; we have that tour each saturday and sunday at 12:30h. Please note that the tour will be in spanish, although our guides speak english and can answer your questions.